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MUSICAL LANDSCAPES | The Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble

Join musical director David Badagnani, the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble, and special guest vocalist Yuan Wang for an exploration of traditional Chinese music. Using time-honored instruments, the ensemble will evoke the mountains, myths, and people depicted in the exquisite paintings of Imaginative Chang’an while Mr. Badagnani explores the stories of this enchanting music.

For their program, the ensemble has selected music specific to the area of Xi'an--modern-day Chang'an--and poetry of the Tang Dynasty. The music includes pieces from the rarely heard ceremonial genre Xi'an Guyue, described as a "living fossil of China's classical music," as well as evocative court songs with music and texts dating back to the 8th century. The ensemble's instruments include bamboo flutes, oboes, mouth organs, fiddles, lutes, gongs, drums, and other percussion, as well as replicas of instruments used during the Tang Dynasty.

The ZMA would like to thank Yan Sun, Dr. Hong Yin, and the Yan Sun Art Museum for underwriting this free public concert.

Additional Information:
   Recommended for all ages
   No registration required

Detail, Jiang Yixiang, Ready for Gathering, 2014.