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Art Voyagers | For Children Grades K–3

Become a ZMA Art Voyager, and begin your art adventure! Each month children in grades kindergarten through third will travel through history or explore the globe to learn about a different culture or a new art form. Create an exciting project, and receive a stamp in your Art Voyagers passport. Each stamp gets you one step closer to a secret treasure.

Saturday, September 8, 10:30–11:30 am, at the ZMA.

New York City, mid-1900s

Journey to New York City in the mid-1900s and discover the world of American Realism. Use classical drawing techniques to capture objects on paper like still life painter Luigi Lucioni.

Activity Fees
  • Members: $5
  • Not-Yet-Members: $7

Additional Information:
   All materials provided
   Painting apron provided
   Recommended for Grades K through 3
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