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Art Voyagers | For Children Grades K–3

Become a ZMA Art Voyager, and begin your art adventure! Each month children in grades kindergarten through third will travel through history or explore the globe to learn about a different culture or a new art form. Create an exciting project, and receive a stamp in your Art Voyagers passport. Each stamp gets you one step closer to a secret treasure.

Saturday, August 11, 10:30–11:30 am, at the ZMA.

Ancient Greece

Travel back in time and become inspired by the beautiful designs of ancient Greek pottery. Explore the ZMA galleries and discover how artists today are still inspired by this fascinating era. Use scratchboards to design your own vessel in the famous red-figure style of ancient Greece.

Activity Fees
  • Members: $5
  • Not-Yet-Members: $7

Additional Information:
   All materials provided
   Painting apron provided
   Recommended for Grades K through 3
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