On view Saturday, February 3 through Saturday, April 7, 2018, in the Great Gallery.

While millions of people are fleeing war, terror, and persecution, thirty-four artists and a film crew embarked on a mission to inspire understanding, compassion, and support. This effort is called Columbus Crossing Borders Project, a travelling art exhibition. Through partnership with Community Refugee and Immigration Services, the audience is given an intimate look into the arduous journeys of refugees who are willing to share their stories through art. Fueled by these stories, the thirty-four artists of this project worked as a cooperative community, having been challenged to 'cross the borders' into each other’s paintings. The result is a visual collage served up as tribute to the resilience, the strength of spirit, and the
devotion to loved ones that sustains those who have lived through such hardship.

Participating Ohio Artists

Donna Lee
Dasa Harris
Kathy Anderson
Amber Raffeld
Andrea Fox
Dale Ziemianski
Barbara Osumi
Allen Schwartz
Gaye Reissland
Mark Gingerich
Debra Joyce Dawson
Linda Regula
Paula Colman
Paul Hamilton
David Denniston
Rob W. Jones
Stephanie Rond

April Sunami
Christine Guillot Ryan
Marty Husted
Virginia Carvour
Andy Quisumbing
Angela Gage
Michael Guinane
Daidria Eckels
David Gentilini
Nathaniel Underwood
Cody Heichel
Dalia Koppes
Lanie Gannon
James Makuac
Stephanie Hemmer
Laurie VanBalen
Hani Hara

Image credit: David Denniston, Untitled, 2016, acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist
and The Columbus Crossing Borders Project.